Robin Ansell believed for a long time that he was not an artist or creative at all, although he was always involved in creative things and had many creative friends but despite that Robin did not see himself as being creative. 

Then one day some of Robin’s colleagues saw some of the creative work that Robin was producing, and much to Robin’s embarrassment, started telling him how much they liked his work, his vision and why he had not told them about his work. 

As more and more people wanted to see his work, because what he creates is special and unique, and because of his vision, Robin came to the realisation that perhaps he was an artist and that he was creative. 

After two, accidental (but successful), private exhibitions, video and podcast production and with the encouragement of artists, photographers and creative content producers around him, has resulted in a growing body of work, and praise for that work. 

His work has diversified and expanded widely with a large photographic portfolio, audio visual installations, and podcasts and video, it is difficult to know where to begin when writing about his work. 

But better still, explore the website and see for yourselves.